Don't Break the Bank: Reverse Auction Weekend!  


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30/05/2019 12:05 pm  
Reverse Auction Weekend Starts NOW!


Begins TODAY, May 31st
Ends SUNDAY, June 2nd

What's better than quality genetics at a great price? 
We say nadda!
Save some moolah with the best deal in town!
Reverse Auctions going on now through Sunday!
Never participated in the Reverse Auctions before? 
Join in on the fun!
Compete against others for the lowest pack price.
Place a bid when the pack reaches your desired price.
Checkout quickly before someone else snatches them from your cart!

The deets:

- One pack per strain listed at a time
- Price reduces by 10% every 30 minutes 
- When it sells a new different pack is listed at the original price

Need more info? Visit the Reverse Auction FAQ.

Reverse Auction Weekend Starts NOW!
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