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Strains that help aide my MS symptoms  


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05/04/2018 10:09 am  

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd start a topic on strains that help aide to my MS symptoms. With that said, take all opinions as a grain of salt. What works for one person might not work for another. Feel free to keep things rolling with what works for you. Here's some strains I've found thus far that work well for symptoms not just get you high. Girl scout cookies, og kush, Northern lights, white widow, sour diesel, candyland, gmo cookies, Blueberry and California orange. Of course all marijuana helps lol but specifics are crucial. Now let's talk cbd. I use cbd topicals, oral pills and oral spray. Cbd flower is great but if you are a personal grower and have a smaller setup I don't suggest growing it unless you only want cbd. It's a long wait for crucial thc also which is what I choose to grow. Hope this helps some and if anyone could provide more to keep more informed that would be awesome! 

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14/04/2018 9:29 am  

I hear you, I was all excited when I read someone comment how ACDC strain really helped them, I bought a 1/4 and IMO felt no different then before I smoked it, 10 strains later and after switching to a vaporizer tried Bluedream and Tangie hola relief!  early sampling of Dreamcatcher & Orangeblossom are very promising waiting for them to cure a few weeks, for me straight CBD does not work as well as mixing thc with cbd

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