So glad i made it h...

So glad i made it here..  


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31/01/2019 8:33 am  

good morning campers..

 im the new guy... new to GPS ..not to growing lol.. I just recently made the jump from outdoors to indoors I live right outside Boston so growing outdoors I had the cops the weather {brrrrr} animals bugs and rip-offs to contend with and having only one chance to get it right for the year …  so I made the switch to all indoor and I hitched my wagon to led lighting and  a soil coco combination with smart pots and air pots.. but I was beyond happy when I stumbled in the backdoor here and found some fruity pebble cross,s  so for my first purchase I grabbed pebble pusher and sundae driver.. ill try my hand at a grow journal  lol  looking forward to exploring a few of these crazy strains 

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