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indoor soil grow  


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30/08/2018 9:38 am  

Just a general question to see if I can stir up some info....

growing indoors in soil, what is the average amount and frequency of water ? hand watering as well, I am just finishing my first grow, and started at 2 cups every 2 days, slowly introduced nutes and now 6 weeks into flower I am doing 5 cups and alternate water and nutes, plants are in fabric pots and seem to be doing very well at this point. Looking forward to some knowledge that I didn't have before post...

Thanks in advance

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22/09/2018 10:53 am  

Yup, I also had a hard time figuring out when to water and often times would over or under water......try looking into Blumat watering systems.....I'm now using coco coir with the Blumats and my plants are doing great,...... it does take a little bit of adjusting in the beginning but after that, you just gotta fill the reservoir.

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06/10/2018 1:40 pm  

Depends on your medium, strain, plant size, and lights. Keep on eye on the leafs, droopy can be an indicator of overwatering. The edges curling up like a cup may indicate they need more water.  Do the finger test and if the soil is crusty to the first or second knuckle you may need to water. 

charles abercrombie
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23/08/2019 10:48 am  

Wait until the plant wilts before you water the plants leaves will stand right back up within 30 min