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An infallible way to germinate seeds?  


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28/06/2018 4:01 am  


Have you ever wished that your garden plants would germinate a lot faster? Some seeds like parsley, cilantro (coriander), sea kale, even spring onions, seem to take forever before we see any shoots appear above ground. The answer, of course, is to pre-germinate those seeds before you sow them. You might find this idea useful. First, take a plastic margarine tub with a lid. Second, fill it to an inch of the brim with perlite or vermiculite. They're sterile and, although an investment, can be re-used endlessly. (Just run boiling water through them for a few minutes.) Third, soak the perlite (etc) with water and tip away surplus water. Now scatter your seeds on top. Tiny seeds like onions need just a sprinkling of perlite dust on top. Big seeds can be sunk a half inch deep.To transplant the seedlings into pots, don't grub around their roots! Just toss the perlite onto a sheet of newspaper gently and pick out the seedlings by their leaves. The perlite falls away and you'll find that every seedling will retain amazingly long unbroken roots.

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