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14/02/2018 11:35 pm  

I am sure you have noticed that the limit on uploads in 10MB per image. So you can upload as many images as you want as long as they are under 10MB. 

Many forums only have 2MB-5MB limits. A couple have 10MB.

We have these limits extremely high at 10MB already.

Just because the limit is set to 1oMB, that doesn't mean you should only upload 10MB files. 

There are free apps available for every device (iOS, Windows Phone, Android, etc.) that you can use to resize your images. 

The same goes for desktop and laptop computers (Apple, Windows, Linux, etc.). There are TONS of free and open source programs out there available to you.

Many of these free programs and apps offer lossless compression and resizing, meaning that the quality of your images will not be diminished by resizing them. 

Taking the time to make your images smaller in size for the forum is really helpful and will ensure our forum and seed bank will always load fast. We understand that there are situations where you may not be able to resize or compress your images, which is why we have the limit set higher.

For Mac and Windows, we recommend using the FREE and open source program PNGYU

Also available here:

This program is easy to use. Just drag and drop your images, hit compress and you're done!


We took an image of Doc Holiday and ran it through PNGYU so you could see for yourself.

Here is the original image (3.2MB):

doc holiday cannabis seeds ORIGINAL

Here is the image after it has been compressed (1.2MB):

doc holiday cannabis seeds RESIZED


All we did was add the image to PNGYU:


And then hit compress:


See the savings? We shrunk the image's size down by 61% without any noticeable difference.

So please, if you have the time, compress your images before you upload them.



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