Is better 1 large H...
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Is better 1 large HPS or smaller Metal Halide plus a smaller HPS?  


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29/05/2020 10:32 am  

I am allowed 5 plants legally, so why break the law and go more? I am using 11 gallon totes for each plant.  Should be plenty of room for root development. Grow area is 4 feet x 5 feet. = 20 sq. feet. My question is, should I use one large HPS or Metal Halide ( 600 w or larger) or two smaller lamps (350 w or larger ) HPS + ( 350!w or larger ) Metal Halide?  I figure with two lamps better overall light coverage, and more overall different types of light spectrums, being emitted for the plants to utilize for better overall plant development. Heat and ventilation already worked out.  Lighting only place questioning myself.  I already have assorted small fluorescent and LED lights mounted for lower and side supplemental lighting for those lower branches and help promote growth under the dense top canopy.  ( Light selection was based mainly on heat output. LED and fluorescents produce way less heat so used on side on lower lighting ). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for any and all responses.