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Forum Updates 2018-05-07  


Greenpoint Seeds
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07/05/2018 11:23 am  

Today the forum platform was updated to it's most current version. All of the forum's integrations (including the image uploader) were also updated during this time.

There was a brief pause while these updates took place (approximately 7 seconds).


  • Fixed Bug: Removed "iframe" tag in post content by default
  • Fixed Bug: Q&A Layout, the problem with the counting of answers
  • Fixed Bug: Simplified Layout, last posted guest avatar issue
  • Fixed Bug: - Choose - option for required dropdown filed
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with Usergroup field on the Account page
  • Fixed Bug: URL type of user avatar doesn't work
  • Fixed Bug: Subforum topic doesn't update parent forums information
  • Fixed Bug: Unapproved topics for Moderators on Recent Posts page
  • Fixed Bug: Private topics for guests

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!