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Hey yall I got about 6 different cultivars going from GU. I only run GPS gear and have loved 99% of it for the last 2 years. I'm going to post my grows I have 2 tents hydro DWC and soil mix in airpots. The plan is to veg 6-8 weeks and scrog with HST Topping and scrog techniques. I have done a few grow journals on growdiary but will start posting here exclusively if I can figure out how to make this awesome haha!! Strains I've run already include Cookies N Chem, Cackleberry, Texas Butter.

This grow will be Blizzard Bush, Eagle Scout, OBS, Cookies N Chem, Sundance Kid, Cowboy Kush, Chinook Haze, Hickok Haze I dont see how to post pics hopefully I'll get some help so I can show how all these girls 

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First stop sucking up. 
Literally. You have some idea
with direct water culture,soil
mix that tells me you have 2 4x4
tents which are no doubt empty.
Run your little micro grow with
the 10 strains you proudly bought.
And post your evidence plain
and simple. Run at least 2 of
each strain to form Basis of
traits. Do your homework and
get to know you Strains and your
proposed Process prior to running.
A lot of intel to enter and
retain in the brain housing
Group. Know your different
strains or you'll get pissed at
times. Just saying. Growing is
a science if you want some fire

The most important 6 inches on the battlefield is between you ears.

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Yes 2 4x4 tents and a 8x8 room for perpetual and I've been growing in multiple states for 20 years and have taught many. It's what my degrees in haha. if you have something productive to say awesome if not I'm not going to sink to your level of trying to put down someone I dont know or have any idea about. And I've run all kinds of gear went to college in mass n from maine so I know where it all started Jr. This is all for me an my friends personal meds. I have multiple setups for different cultivars which I have run different ways and know what they like but you do you jimbo. And I run 3-4 of each strain and have my clones I keep going on the girls I like. O ya I do write down everything and keep notes but have ran all kinds of gear usually clones or from overseas from the dinachick and tons of others some I dont run because the breeder is only about money and bad Karma shoot one died strain hunting "karmas a beotch" but what n who do I k ow I'm just a farm boy.  Good luck n thanks for NOTHING 



Ps I have about 30 GPS strains lmao jeez kids these days always spouting off at the mouth 

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What happened to the Dr.?