Prices displaying weird

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Reasons why prices may be displaying differently:

  • The auctions have a built-in safety system that monitors traffic so nobody can abuse the auctions. Opening multiple tabs and browsers from a single IP address can have a negative effect on the auction prices and your cache.
  • Ad-blockers can sometimes mistakingly block some of the functions of the auctions. Please make sure to disable your ad-blockers. We don’t have any ads anyways.
  • If you have ever changed your browser settings, there may be a chance that you changed the cache times to hold onto the cache for longer periods of time (to make your browser “load faster”). These types of settings are great for pages you visit that will not constantly change. But auctions are constantly changing their prices and your browser could possibly show you an old version of the page if it has been setup to do so. Clear your browser and reset any cache settings to default.
  • No matter what, when you checkout, the price of the item you are paying for will show true. This is because the platform Greenpoint Seeds is utilizing must check the prices before they are displayed at checkout.