My card was declined, but I know it’s got enough money.

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So your card got declined and you’re confused. You think, “I have enough money, what’s the deal!?”

This can happen for several reasons:

#1 reason for rejects is their bank security.
#2 Pre-paid cards, we can’t process them
#3 Data entry mistakes
If you can’t make your credit card work, switch to your debit card. As long as it is a bank-issued card and not a virtual one the process will accept that and the bank would have no added fees.

You can also reach out to MESH directly. They provide their phone number at checkout. They are very helpful at walking you thru the process. Because of domestic regulations against cannabis companies, acquiring a credit card processor is very difficult.

You can also choose a different payment option such as Money Order or Personal Check, or Cash, Cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin. It’s not the best option, but it’s the only option. Thank you for working with me and understanding that we still have to jump through some hoops.


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