Male to Female Ratios in Regular Packs

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Typically, regular cannabis seeds offer a ratio of 50 percent male offspring and 50 percent female offspring.

Regular seeds are created by using a male (XY) plant to pollinate a female (XX) plant. This means that each seed has roughly a 50 percent chance of inheriting both an X and Y chromosome and a 50 percent chance of inheriting two X chromosomes. Because each seed has a 50/50 chance of becoming either male or female, it is impossible to predict how many males or females a pack of regular seeds will yield. By growing a pack of ten seeds, growers are highly likely to find at least one or two females, but this is not guaranteed.

Growers who wish to grow only female plants might benefit from growing feminized seeds. These seeds are created by pollinating a female plant with another female, and typically yield 99.9 percent all-female offspring.

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