Checkout prices displaying incorrectly

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This currently isn’t possible.

  • Please make sure to check your totals BEFORE you checkout because the price CAN change between your cart display page and final checkout page. But the price cabcan change while you’re on the checkout page (without refreshing the page first).
  • Checking out is not possible until the price on the checkout page has been cross-checked with the total amount you’re being charged with.
  • If the prices in an auction change while you’re on the final checkout page, the page will refresh to display the price change.
  • The checkout page is not currently able to successfully display one total and charge you a different total. It’s not physically possible and cannot happen.
  • There is an elaborate set of failsafe checks in place that will not allow you to checkout with any other price but the displayed price (on the final checkout page). If the prices don’t match, you’ll get an error at checkout or the page will refresh and not allow you to checkout until it has displayed the new price.
  • Please make sure you check the total price on the checkout page before you commit to paying.