How long is the wait for backordered products?

All products tems listed as “On Backorder” can take anywhere between 1-2 months before the items are back in stock. Once the products are back in stock, you will receive an email notifying you to expect your order soon. When you receive this email, this means your order has been shipped. Backorders have priority over […]

Do you accept PayPal, Venmo, CashApp?

Chinese processors are the only ones who will work with cannabis companies and they make everyone jump through a lot of hoops. They charge outrageous fees taking the support away from the breeder you gave it to. If they ARE using paypal, it’s only a matter of time before paypal will close their account trapping […]

Shopping Carts

There are no reserved shipping carts. Everything is first come, first served. You can have an item in your cart and if you don’t check out with it fast enough, someone else can snag it. When you add an item to your cart, the stock doesn’t change on the product page. The stock only changes […]

Where and how do I mail my payment?

Send Here: Follow these steps: Write your order number on one sheet of paper Fold your payment in-between sheet of paper. Make as thin as possible. Seal your payment in a stamped envelope and send to the address provided. OR If you choose a tracked method to submit your payment, use USPS Priority Mail® (the […]

My card was declined, but I know it’s got enough money.

So your card got declined and you’re confused. You think, “I have enough money, what’s the deal!?” My processor is the problem. Because of domestic regulations against cannabis companies, acquiring a credit card processor is very difficult. Often times the only companies who will openly work with you are located internationally. As in the case […]