Checkout prices displaying incorrectly

This currently isn’t possible. Please make sure to check your totals BEFORE you checkout because the price CAN change between your cart display page and final checkout page. But the price cabcan change while you’re on the checkout page (without refreshing the page first). Checking out is not possible until the price on the checkout […]

Prices displaying weird

Reasons why prices may be displaying differently: The auctions have a built-in safety system that monitors traffic so nobody can abuse the auctions. Opening multiple tabs and browsers from a single IP address can have a negative effect on the auction prices and your cache. Ad-blockers can sometimes mistakingly block some of the functions of […]

Auction times

All reverse auctions start at 7:30AM MST and end at midnight. Please remember to refresh your browser after midnight to re-cache all products that might have previously been in auction because their prices will have changed.