Auction continues to drop in price after your purchase

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If you have checked out with an auction item, but it continues to drop in price, you have more than one tab open (see Prices displaying weird).

The auctions will not update while the cache is loaded in your browser if you already purchased the strain.

This is most likely due to customized settings in your browser’s cache.

If the price continues to drop in another tab, only you are seeing it in your own personal cache. And if you tried to check out again with the same product in another tab (where it may look as if the product you just purchased has not yet restarted and is still dropping in price), it wouldn’t let you completely check out. It would give you an error when you tried to pay.

The auction platform has a built-in checking system that checks the price against your payment at checkout.

If the product is loaded in the cache in another browser tab and has continued to drop in price (even after you just purchased it), the system will block you from trying to check out with the product you just purchased at a lower price because the product isn’t really still dropping in price in another tab. It just seems that way because of your cache.

It is different for different browsers and different settings.

The best thing to do is to clear your browser’s cache for the best performance.