Discontinued Feminized Seeds

At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer a wide selection of premium feminized seeds. Our passion for cannabis seeds means that we are continuously developing, breeding, and testing new strains.

With our large seed collection and rotating stock, we’ll always have the best feminized seeds for you. Browse our discontinued feminized seeds to learn more about the strains no longer available at Greenpoint Seeds.

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What Are Discontinued Feminized Seeds?

Because we are constantly creating new cannabis strains, many of our feminized seeds become discontinued over time. Although we no longer produce these strains, we know that many growers around the world are still cultivating them.

To ensure growers have access to all the information about these feminized seeds, we’ve left the product pages up on our site for anyone to browse. On the product pages, you’ll find valuable information about the history, lineage, aroma, flavor, and effects of each strain. You’ll also find detailed descriptions about height, flowering time, and other growth traits of all our discontinued feminized seeds.

What Is a Feminized Seed?

A feminized seed is specifically bred to produce a female cannabis plant. Feminized marijuana seeds do not contain any male chromosomes, meaning they do not produce male cannabis plants.

Growers value feminized seeds because only female cannabis plants can produce buds that are rich in THC, CBD, and other valuable cannabinoids. By growing feminized seeds from Greenpoint Seeds, growers can be certain that nearly every seed they sprout will grow to become a hardy, genetically stable female marijuana plant.

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