Ace High

Sex: Regular 
Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering: 63 - 77 Days
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor
Genetics: Lemon G-13 (Ohio cut) x Star Dawg

LEMON G - 50%

The Lemon G clone has quickly built herself a repute, defiantly spreading from illegal basement grows of Ohio to above-ground grows in the western United States. The appeal of the Lemon G is in her short physical stature, heavily-frosted floral clusters, and of course, the trait that warrants her namesake: the unbelievably lemon-like aroma and flavor. Flowers are so intensely lemon flavored it seems artificial.  It is a sweet and syrupy lemon flavor, reminiscent of warheads and other hard candies from childhood, with only a hint of the bitter rind. There is also some astringency present in Lemon G, a note similar to that of commercial cleaning products like Lemon Pledge. Smoking coats the mouth in citrus and commercial cleaner flavor! In addition to her flavor, Lemon G is known for a clear and functional, uplifting effect. Popular among extract artists, Lemon G is often used to bolster flavors of other varieties--twist of lemon? Logically, if Lemon G blends well with other extracts, then her genes should blend well with other plants.

This is where our Star Dawg male comes in, consistently contributing heavy resin production, dense structure, vigor, and strong odors. You can expect the Star Dawg to add depth and intensity to the aroma of Lemon G, augmenting the astringent chemical notes with skunk and industrial fuel. Phenotypes display the best traits of both parents: high potency, excellent bag appeal, and aromas resembling lemonade being sold from a janitor’s cart.

Ace High is a great variety to have up your sleeve to impress the most discerning nose.

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