Choosing the Best Cannabis Seeds for Your Home Grow

buy marijuana seeds onlineGrowing your own marijuana is one of the most rewarding experiences you may have. Not only is it a great way to flex your freedom, it’s also a great way to clean your environment while producing your own therapeutic (or recreational) herbs and concentrates. But growing your own cannabis isn’t the same as popping a few tomato seeds in the ground. For those who want a successful marijuana grow, it’s important to carefully consider your starting point.

Though some growers start with clones, introducing foreign clones into a personal grow can bring with it pests and contaminants that can be hard to get rid of. Growing cannabis from seed will help you avoid the headache all together. But how do you know which cannabis seeds are worth the investment? To understand that, you first need to consider the goals of your cannabis grow.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Your Home Grow

Best Cannabis StrainsThere are many reasons people consume cannabis – to reduce pain, sleep better, or relieve anxiety just to name a few – and there are different ideal strains for each different purpose. Before deciding which type of cannabis seed to purchase, consider which strains will suit your needs best. For example, those who consume cannabis for its pain-relieving qualities may prefer CBD-heavy indica strains whereas someone who prefers mental stimulation and reduced anxiety may prefer sativa strains.

Space restrictions should also come into play. Indicas, for example, tend to be better for indoor marijuana grows due to their quick growth cycle and relatively small size whereas sativas, with their large size and extended grow period, tend to fair better outdoors where they can spread their branches and thrive. Hybrids, of course, offer a solid middle ground for those looking for specific therapeutic potential with limited space.

Different Types of Cannabis Seeds Explained

There are three types of cannabis seeds on the market today: regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Each comes with different benefits and draw-backs, all of which are important to consider before purchasing marijuana seeds online.

  • Regular: Regular cannabis seeds are the same ones you might find in the bottom of a bag gone by or in your buddy’s ash tray. These seeds are a favorite for first-time growers as there is typically very little initial investment involved which is important should they not survive. Though those little shriveled white/tan seeds are hardly worth much, fuller, dark seeds that are firm when squeezed could likely produce some killer bud, albiet more likely to contain seeds since it came from a hermaphroditic plant in the first place. When growing cannabis from regular seeds, pay close attention come flower time to remove any pollinating males before they get to your girls.
  • Feminized: Because the female cannabis plant is the only one to produce cannabinoid-coated flowers, feminized seeds are quickly gaining in popularity. By manipulating a female plant into producing seeds, breeders have been able to create seeds that will produce female plants as much as 95 percent of the time. Though past methods involved stressing the mother (thus encouraging the production of hermaphroditic plants and seeds), newer methods involving special types of silver have reduced the trend[i].
  • Autoflowering: Unlike other cannabis seeds, autoflower seeds do not require altering phototropic periods to produce flowers. Instead, these plants flower automatically after only a few short months. Due to their ruderalis lineage, these plants typically only grow a foot or two tall with a relatively light harvest but, because they grow so quickly, are idea for those trying to grow outdoors in small spaces like a patio garden. Autoflowering plants cannot be cloned so multiple seeds will be necessary for multiple harvests.


America is the land of the free but some places are just a bit freer than others. For those who live in 420-friendly states, there’s perhaps no better way to celebrate our freedom than by cultivating cannabis plants in our own homes and back yards. Of course, a successful grow starts with quality cannabis seeds so, before stocking up on marijuana seeds online, carefully consider what types of cannabis seeds will work best for you.


Do you have a favorite type of cannabis seed? Share it with us in the comments below.


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