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Gorilla Glue Strain 

Gorilla Glue, also known as GG4, is one of the most sought-after strains around the world. This elite clone-only cultivar has gained a following due to its one-of-a-kind flavor, stellar potency, and exceptional trichome production. Its vigorous growth and generous yield make Gorilla Glue a great choice for commercial cultivators as well as inexperienced growers.

Gorilla Glue was created by a grower known as Josey Whales and his brother, Lone Watty, co-founders of GG Strains. Whales’ brother had created a hybrid of Sour Dubble and Chem’s Sister, and one of the plants became hermaphroditic, pollinating Whales’ cut of Chocolate Diesel. From this accidental pollination, Whales and his friend, Marlin, would discover the legendary Gorilla Glue strain.

Marijuana smokers prize Gorilla Glue for its unique aroma that is sweet and funky. This variety smells of bittersweet chocolate, with hints of petrol, pine, brown sugar, and coffee. Its rich fragrance carries through in the flavor, enticing the taste buds with delightful sweet-and-sour notes.

Gorilla Glue is a balanced hybrid with effects that are somewhat Indica dominant. The initial high delivers a burst of energy and creativity, and gradually begins to relax the muscles and ease stress and tension in the mind and body. This potent marijuana cultivar is known to produce up to 30 percent THC, making it one of the strongest weed strains on the market.

Gorilla Glue is an easy-to-grow strain that is ideal for inexperienced cannabis growers. This variety can be cultivated indoors and outdoors in a wide range of environments; however, it performs best when grown in a dry climate with warm temperatures.

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