Tester Cannabis Seeds - Wild West Series

Are you interested in cannabis Tester Seeds? These tester seeds are an addition to the Wild West Series marijuana seeds. The Wild West Series is based around the Chemdog strain. learn more about the Seed Drop HERE

Welcome to the Wild West

The History of Chemdog

In the early 1990’s a man known now as Chemdog met some friends in a parking lot at a Grateful Dead show. There he purchased a sack of uber pungent weed that would make you roll around on the floor like a dog. Dogbud was a scarce high-grade variety for anyone to come across at the time. Originally “Dogbud”, it also was nicknamed “Chem weed” for is noticeably chemical like funk to the aroma and strength. Together, the names “Dogbud” and “Chem weed” collided and was forever branded as “Chemdog”. This is where Mr. Chemdog gets his famous moniker. Wanting to taste the incredible flavor again Mr. Chemdog had more of the hippy weed stealthily shipped to him in Massachusetts. In the marijuana, he was sent he found precisely 13 beautiful seeds.

All Roads Lead to Chemdog

As it gained popularity almost friends, he wanted to grow some of this weed for himself. Doing so he discovered some of the most significant plants to grace the gardens of the world.

Chem 91 and Chem Sis were discovered in the very first germination.
Chem D was discovered in the second round of germination. It has contributed to many of today’s championed crosses such as GMO.
Chem 4 was discovered when he gave his friend some of the last Dogbud seeds to germinate. It has been used to create marvelous crosses such as Copper Chem.

The narrative would continue as it’s elite genes permeate into the lineage of today’s most sought-after strains. Without Mr. Chemdog’s discovery, we wouldn’t have OG Kush, Sour Diesel or any of their famed descendants like Gorilla Glue #4. These strain names resonate with even the most novice smokers as they have merely set a bar for quality in today’s market. Was all of this foreseen in that Grateful Dead show parking lot so many years ago?

A Star (dawg) is Born

The father to all of our Wild West Series is a powerhouse strain known as Stardawg. A puritan blend of best the Chemdog family. Star Dawg (Chem 4 x Tres Dawg) is the most recent patriarch of the Chemdog family. With it’s pure Chem bloodline only partially outcrossed with Afghanistan landrace genetics. Breeding Stardawg, JJ Edwards from old era Top Dawg Genetics, was able to pull some Chemdog purity out of three backcrosses to the Chem D cut and create an extinct male known as Tres Dawg. That male would pollenate Chem 4, and a star is born.

Royal Bloodline

Our vintage Stardawg breeding male is something truly extraordinary with the collision of the two historically elite Chem variations. This incredibly stable male has been renowned as a breeding juggernaut for his ability to produce extremely desirable top quality plants. These Tester Seeds are sure to please. Don’t miss out on history!

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