Feminized Cannabis Seeds

While most of what we produce at Greenpoint Seeds are regular marijuana seeds, we produce feminized marijuana seeds as well. Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that are guaranteed to be female sex. Regular marijuana seeds generally produce plants that are 50% female and 50% male. Feminized cannabis seeds have XX chromosomes, and do not contain a Y chromosome.

How is it possible to guarantee female sex in offspring? Marijuana and cannabis breeders have developed a clever method to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat. Instead of utilizing a male plant or pollen donor as is traditionally done when producing regular seeds, two females are bred together to produce feminized seeds.

When two females are crossed together, both of which have XX chromosomes, all of the resulting offspring are guaranteed to have XX chromosomes. Thus, all the offspring are female.

This sounds good in theory, but how about in practice? How is it possible that two females can be bred together? This is where the resourceful wit of the cannabis breeder comes in.

A hormone can be applied to a female plant, causing the female plant to produce male anatomy. This means that the female plant will produce male flowers and pollen. This pollen is collected and used to fertilize a second female plant. This biological “loophole” allows for a female to fertilize another female, and to produce 100% female plants. The breeder can breed with two proven and verified female plants, and the entire process of verifying the value of a male plant can be bypassed.

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