Greenpoint Seeds is happy to announce that we now carry the Dungeons Vault Genetics full-line of cannabis seeds. If your a fan of Grand Daddy Purple, you’re going to love these elite cannabis strains and marijuana seeds by Dungeons Vault Genetics. Formally a Cultivator with Grand Daddy Purp Genetics, the owner and master breeder of Dungeons Vault Genetics wanted to share his own incredible marijuana strains with the world. So one day he decided to branch-off to form his very own creations of strains and marijuana seeds for everyone to enjoy.Coming in at #15 on High Times 25 Greatest Strains Of All Time, Grand Daddy Purple started the whole purple bud craze. When you cross Grand Daddy Purps with other strains like Tahoe OG, Pink Champagne, ChemDawg #4 and OGKB Cookies, you’ve got some incredible strains from DVG!

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