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Cult Classic Seeds has created a series of marijuana seeds that have gained their own “cult” following as part of a greater movement within the cannabis community. Working with the Cookies legend The OGKB and making classics like Tony Clifton or using cannabinoid rich strains like the R6 to create the next big wave known as “type two cannabis”. Cult Classics is on the leading edge of cannabis breeding offering the best seeds money can buy.
From the breeder-

“Our goal is to better understand and unlock all of the medical benefits of cannabis. We fully embrace the philosophy of Dennis Peron, co-author of California’s Proposition 215 and founder of the first medical cannabis club in the United States: “All marijuana use is medical.” Cult Classics Seeds has been committed to increasing access to cultivars with optimal healing and medicinal qualities since 2012.We are preservationists, collecting and maintaining a catalog of elite cannabis varieties derived from organic sources. Our cultivar library is carefully selected and maintained to create novel crosses which can be tailored for specific medicinal effects and flavor profiles. Through traditional and cutting edge processes, we produce and unlock new cannabinoid profiles, as well as restore old ones back to their original potency. All of our cultivars are bred specifically for ideal growth characteristics, including pathogen resistance, high yields, and resinous buds that are ideal for extracts/extraction.”

Currently the only place to get a good selection of Cult Classic Seeds is in the hills of California. Greenpoint Seeds and Cult Classics have teamed up to once again offer the world the best cannabis seeds the USA has to offer.
The United States has the best cannabis in the world, and brands like Cult Classics are the reason!

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