How Do Marijuana Seed Banks Store Seeds?

How Do Marijuana Seed Banks Store Seeds?

One of the most important functions of a cannabis seed bank is to sell healthy and viable seeds. Proper storage practices are essential in preserving the quality and viability of cannabis seeds. So, how exactly do seed banks store their seeds? In this article, we’ll discuss why proper seed storage is important, the optimal conditions for storing seeds, and how marijuana seed banks store their seeds.

Why Is Seed Storage So Important?

Cannabis seeds can only remain viable for so long. As seeds age, they become less viable and may produce weak seedlings or not germinate at all. In order to prolong the quality and viability of a pack of seeds, they must be stored in optimal conditions.

For seed banks, selling high-quality seeds that are viable is a top priority. To ensure they are meeting this requirement, the best seed banks purchase seeds from reliable breeders and then use proper storage techniques to preserve them.

The Best Way To Store Cannabis Seeds

Seed storage techniques vary among seed banks; however, there are a few general guidelines that the most reputable seed suppliers follow.

Seed viability may be affected by light, temperature, humidity, and contamination. To prevent these factors from damaging the seeds, many seed banks store their seeds in airtight containers and keep them in a dark area. They also keep them in a climate-controlled room that is cool and dry.

Some seed banks may store seeds for several years before they are sold. These seed suppliers typically refrigerate or freeze the seeds in order to preserve them for long periods of time; however, freezing seeds may negatively impact their viability.

How We Store Our Seeds

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At Greenpoint Seeds, we breed our own cannabis seeds. This means that we always have a fresh supply of seeds on hand. Because we breed small batches of seeds, we do not need to store them for long periods of time to preserve them.

We harvest our seeds at the optimal time and place them in sealed containers. The containers are then stored in a climate-controlled room with a consistently cool temperature. The seeds are kept in a dark and dry area that is regularly sterilized to prevent contamination. The sealed containers are clearly labeled at the time of storage, with strain names and other relevant information.

We package our packs of seeds in opaque, crush-proof containers and seal them in airtight baggies. This ensures that the seeds remain intact and are not exposed to light, air, or moisture.

Look For a Born-on Date

Other seed banks that repackage and resell seeds may have old stock that must be refrigerated or frozen to remain viable. You can expect marijuana seeds that have been sealed and refrigerated to last for several years. However, seeds kept for long periods of time may lose their viability. Customers should look for a “born-on” date to know how old the seeds are that they are purchasing.

While old seed stock is common at many seed banks, at Greenpoint Seeds, you will find fresh, newly stocked cannabis seeds. This is because we harvest our seeds in small batches and sell them quickly. We also include a born-on date on the product pages for all of our strains so that you’ll know precisely when we harvested the seeds.

Contact us for more information about how we store our seeds. While you’re here, check out our complete collection of regular and feminized seeds.

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