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Looking for elite cannabis genetics at an affordable price? Greenpoint Seeds Store has a plethora of strains to choose from that peak just about anyones interest.  There’s something to offer for any garden, and every skill level out there. If you check out,you have access to more than just our seeds, We now offer seeds from other breeders and companies as well! Keep your eyes open because the stock is always rotating, and new seeds will be put up all the time from Greenpoint Seeds, and other companies too. We also offer discrete billing, shipping, and tracking numbers across the globe for everyones safety and security.

Our loyalty program is like none other. We offer “Gold Nuggets” which are points you can use towards store credit at As soon as you sign up for an account at the store’ you automatically receive 100 Gold Nuggets. There are multiple methods to acquire more Gold Nuggets as well such as sharing on facebook, referring customers, following on twitter,  and for every dollar spent.  It is pretty easy to acquire multiple points, so definitely take advantage of our rewards program!  It’s like no other out there! And don’t forget about out reverse auctions. has so much to offer from great deals, to great genetics, you would be a fool to sleep on all the great offers we offer! Tell your friends, tell your boss, share with a few people, spread the word, and get rewarded to do so! We have several tester series you can sign up for where we give out free seeds for growers who will take pictures and give feedback. If you feel that that you are an good grower, and would like to be apart of out testing series, please keep a lookout for when we have a sign up time to make sure you are on the list for suture testers.

Our site has so much to offer, you would be a fool if you miss these great daily deals going on our homepage! Gather your friends, and have them get to as soon as possible before the daily deal you might want is no longer available sign up for out mailing list, and stay up to date on our future seed releases and deals we will be having!

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    • Greenpoint Seeds says:

      Using the Compare tool is a great way to see the differences and similarities between the genetics we offer.

      In addition to the Compare tool, each strain has it’s own page full of useful information and data.

      Check out our forum for grow journals on cannabis seeds you may be interested in.

      Or take a look at our blog and read up on different ways to choose seeds that fit your environment and grow style.

      GPS Team

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