Best US Seed Bank

Best US Seed Bank
Best US Seed Bank

The Best US seed bank is right at your fingertips when you shop at Greenpoint Seeds. Our online marijuana seed bank features a rotating stock of prize genetics and unique cultivars developed by our expert team of cannabis breeders. Importantly, we use only the best cannabis strains in America to improve the structure, flavor, and cannabinoid content of your cannabis harvest.

Why We’re The Best US Seed Bank

GPS breeders have been developing new cannabis cultivars for decades. We launched our online cannabis seed bank in 2005 and have a lengthy track record of proven success. Our fans often praise our genetics, quick and stealthy shipping, and top-notch customer service (though our steep seed discounts help, too!).


Cannabis growers must use reliable genetics from the best US seed bank. Genetics help determine a strain’s flavor, cannabinoid profile, flower density, stress resistance, and more. When considering things like plant limits and time to harvest, it simply does not make sense to gamble with sub-par products. After all, who wants to waste time, money, energy, and space only to grow seedy, dull weed?

All of our cultivars come from premium genetics at GPS, bred throughout multiple generations to produce rich, unique buds with captivating flavor profiles and ensuing experiences. We’ve got varieties that are perfect for all experience levels and all cannabis harvest goals. Look no further, you have found the best US seed bank right here at GPS.

Shipping Policy

GPS is well-known for our speedy shipping. Packages usually ship within 24 to 48 hours after receiving payment, which can come from a check, money order, or cryptocurrency purchased via credit card. We can also send you text notifications about your order and a tracking ID to help you locate your package during transit.

Customer Service

GPS, the best US seed bank, wants you to know that we’re with you every step of the way. Our customer service team is always happy to answer your questions or provide recommendations to suit your needs. Need help tracking a package? We got you. Want to know which strain grows best in your unique environment? We’ve got suggestions that could help. Want to partner with us? Let’s talk!

Cannabis Seeds Discounts

The final thing that makes us the best US seed bank is our awesome deals. We regularly offer store-wide discounts to our newsletter subscribers and social media followers. What’s more, our high rollers earn even better bargains with their prestigious membership status. As if our competitively low prices weren’t enough to earn us the title “Best US Seed Bank,” our extreme savings opportunities sure are!

Buy Cannabis Seeds from the Best US Seed Bank

If you’re ready to start your marijuana growing journey, you must pick the best US seed bank for your cannabis seed purchase. We assure you, Greenpoint Seeds is definitely the best.

We pluck our seeds at the peak of perfection, then process and store them carefully in opaque, sealable packages. You’ll receive your seeds in the mail ready to sew or store for up to six to twelve months. Choose from regular or feminized seeds, or check out our forum for customer recommendations.

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