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Feminized Marijuana Seeds & Cannabis Genetics

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Buy the best feminized seeds in America from Greenpoint Seeds. We carefully cultivate our feminized marijuana seeds to ensure that they develop into big, bountiful beauties. No more growing males only to throw them away later. Feminized seeds will always produce female-only cannabis plants and potent cannabis flowers.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that breeders have manipulated to produce female-only plants. To be clear, female cannabis plants are the only ones to produce buds, and buds are the only significant source of beneficial compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. As such, growing female plants is the only way to create that dank sticky-icky that cannabis consumers seek.

Why Are Female Seeds Important?

As cannabis plants mature and transition into their flowering stage of growth, they will develop either male or female anatomy. Female cannabis plants develop two small pistils with which they collect pollen from male plants. If a male pollinates a female, the female plant transitions from flower development to seed development, thus significantly dropping her flowers’ potency. Consequently, those who want to avoid the hassle should stick with the best-feminized seeds from the best cannabis seed breeders.

Why Quality Matters When Looking for the Best Feminized Seeds?

Developing female cannabis seeds takes more effort than it does to create regular seeds. The best seed banks will cultivate seeds for many generations to ensure their genetics are strong. However, to produce feminized seeds from the same strong genetics, breeders must inflict just the right amount of stress. Doing so will trick the female plant into creating seeds from her own DNA without male chromosomes lending to the mix.

Talented breeders can convince female plants to produce sturdy, female-only seeds. On the other hand, inexperienced breeders often develop a mixed bag of hermaphroditic seeds that lack potency and flavor. As such, those who wish to buy feminized seeds should always ensure that their seed source is reputable and that the seed breeders know their stuff.

Though female seeds tend to be pricier, it is not worth the gamble of bargain-shopping for dirt cheap feminized seeds. Not only might bargain hunters buy hermie seeds, but they might buy falsely-labeled male seeds or seeds that don’t even germinate at all!

Buy the Best Feminized Seeds From Our US Seed Bank

Whether you have a limited plant count, a small growing space, or an inability to track and remove males, female cannabis seeds are an easy solution. When you buy the best-feminized seeds from our US seed bank, you will know exactly what you’re growing and how to tend to it properly.

Our seeds produce hearty genetics and abundant flowers, and our feminized seeds produce purely female plants. As such, you will never have to worry about a surprise male pollinating females, and you will never have to grow plants you do not need.

Use your legal plant count to grow only female cannabis plants. Your plants will grow strong and resilient from seed to harvest and develop those dense, dispensary-quality buds you crave.

Buy feminized seeds now or check out our full selection of premium cannabis seeds. As always, feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.