Best Cannabis Seeds USA

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online
Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Best Cannabis Seeds USA – We’ve carefully cultivated our line of cannabis genetics to bring you the best cannabis seeds online. Whether you’re looking for feminized seeds to guarantee a blooming plant, or regular cannabis seeds at an affordable price, Greenpoint puts your cannabis seeds online shopping experience on point.

Best Cannabis Seeds USA

Our strains have been carefully chosen from some of the nation’s most elite breeders. Our new storefront makes it easy to select from a wide range of breeders, strain types, lineage, output, potency, popularity and, of course, flavor. Best of all: they’re priced to move. Literally. We have the vest cannabis seeds in the USA.

Best Seed Bank

Our unique reverse-auction feature allows you to track your favorite strains as their prices continually drop. The stock is limited on these deals, though, and once they’ve been purchased the opportunity to buy is gone. For those who like to gamble for the best deals on marijuana seeds online, this can be quite the nail-biting experience but boy is it worth it!

Discreet Shipping

Our seeds are packaged discreetly and shipped promptly from our warehouse. While awaiting your shipment, check out our blog to learn tips and tricks from the pros.

Returning customers can earn additional discounts by joining our member rewards program and getting discounts on future purchases. Member levels can be reached by purchasing seeds through our seed bank. The more seeds you buy, the more of a discount you’ll get site-wide.


6 thoughts on “Best Cannabis Seeds USA

  1. AliceBricks says:

    A seed is always more productive than a cutting if we add the stability of our plants and the short time that they need to be in a vegetative phase (18h of light) the resulting is an excellent product. I saw this along the way Here you will find information about our genetics, we preserve some of the best strings in the world of cannabis what concerns stability, production, taste and psychoactive effect.

  2. Hays50 says:

    I need a HEAVY Indica. Was lucky enough to obtain an 1/8 of Hell’s OG at the medical dispensary. I know you have Cowboy Kush……is this the closest to Staring at the effing wall strain you carry? Whatever knocks me down hard is Fantastic. (new grower, 3x3x72 tent, 1000w Galaxyhydro LED). I believe the Kush strain is also easier to grow also? Thanks a Million from the East…………….shhh

    • ckoko says:

      I would PERSONALLY reccomend Purple Cake if still in stock, I grew a small indoor batch (in tent like you)& not only did I find 3 different phenos but ALL 3 were good & fun & EFFECTIVE as the other. I’m bipolar & when I’m manic I go sometimes 4+ days with maybe 30 min of sleep ALL 4+ days combined but this strain puts me out.

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