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Best Cannabis Seeds Company: Greenpoint Seeds (Our Reviews Prove It)

When it comes to buying seeds, only choose the best seed company. Buying from a trusted, reputable source will save money in the long run by providing seeds with healthy, reliable genetics that will grow into dank, frosty, profitable buds well worth the investment. Read our Trustpilot Reviews!

This article will explain the qualities that define the best seed company and why no one needs to look further than Colorado-based Greenpoint Seeds.

Qualities of the Best Cannabis Seed Company

The best seed company will be reliable, authentic, and transparent. It will be apparent that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to growing and will be upfront about their processes so that no question remains unanswered or vague.

Safe Payment Processing

Diverse payment options allow anyone to buy seeds confidently. Greenpoint Seeds accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash, and bitcoin.

Reliable Shipping

Reliable shipping is also quick shipping since there’s nothing more anxiety-driving than checking the mailbox every day when a package doesn’t show up. This uncertainty is not a problem with Greenpoint Seeds. They guarantee arrival within 2-7 business days, and their packaging is stealth and low-key to warrant seamless, hassle-free travel. Even during these uncertain pandemic times, Greenpoint shipping has not faltered.

Just check out what this satisfied customer has to say about their shipping:

“GPS is the bomb nuff said…Your shipping times during a pandemic have been insane. Like 2-3 days in some instances. You care about your customer base, and it’s all about customer service. You folks know what’s up! I’m thrilled so far with this strain. She’s vegging well so far outside and has been an easy starter. Trying organics in 3&5 gallon rain science bags which I also recommend for supporting another USA business because they were super fast in these times too” – Kevin, July 21, 2020.

Customer Service

The saying “the customer is always right” has never been more true. Customer service is the pillar of good business. Stellar service is attentive, considerate, and helpful. Greenpoint seeds embody these qualities, as their relationship with their customers has always been the top priority.

Nothing better proves it than these glowing reviews:

“These people will bend over backward to make to ensure you have a good experience. They have a presence On IG and most of the major forums. Gu personally takes the time to comment and keeps in touch with home growers and their needs. A++” – Anonymous.

“This is the best seed company….And the customer service is beyond exceptional! I had a small issue, and they went over and beyond to satisfy my needs very rarely. Greenpoint is a company I would refer anybody to…ps Cake and chem are doing great will have pics soon….Thanks again, Greenpoint Seeds.”
– Anonymous.

Pillar of the Best Cannabis Seed Company: Reliable Genetics

Genetics are paramount for any respectable seed bank. Buying questionable seeds will waste time and money as it will negatively impact the result. Cannabis genetics is an essential part of any cultivation. If a seed company’s processes are undefined or vague, chances are the genetics will be too.

Greenpoint Seeds consistently provides both regular and feminized seeds with top-quality genetics, and their reviews prove it:

These Purple Crash seedlings have shown extreme heat tolerance here in AZ outdoors. I use organic methods, and I make my biochar which retains moisture very well. The high temperatures in July average above 105*F, and my seedlings have survived 115*F in a shaded area and kept moist.” – Carlos.

Another anonymous reviewer has this to say about Motor Punch – “One of the best strains I have ever grown. Very forgiving and easy to grow. A must-have for anyone needing pain relief. Lower temperatures in the last three weeks of flower and watch them turn purple.”

Why Reviews Are So Important

Best Cannabis Seeds Company
Best Cannabis Seeds Company as reviewed on Trustpilot

What’s the best way to make an important decision about a purchase? Reading reviews, of course. Customer reviews play an essential role in helping decide if a company is right by demonstrating trust and loyalty from its customers.

Greenpoint Seeds encourages feedback and reviews to address any questions or concerns quickly, so their customers can share feedback. On the review page, growers share photos worth a thousand words on how their buds turned out and what flavor profiles they got from it.

There is also a separate forum page where growers can talk with each other about cannabis horticulture.

Final thoughts on the Best Cannabis Seed Company

The best cannabis seed company will have incredible genetics, clear payment and shipping policies, and a reputation for having excellent relationships with its customers. In addition to having pages upon pages of five-star reviews, GreenPoint also has a large social media following and engagement that proves their dedication to their customers and their love for growing great weed. These make Greenpoint more than just a seed bank – it makes them a community.

For any questions about seeds or more details about our services,  contact us at Greenpoint Seeds.

If you’ve had a great experience with Greenpoint, leave a comment to let others know!


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