Why Don’t Most Cannabis Seed Banks Accept PayPal?

Why Don’t Most Marijuana Seed Banks Accept PayPal?

These days, PayPal is a preferred payment method for many consumers around the world. But despite the widespread popularity of this payment system, most cannabis seed banks don’t accept PayPal payments. Seed retailers that do use PayPal may not be trustworthy or reliable. So, why don’t most marijuana seed banks accept PayPal? Stick to the end of this article to find out.

PayPal’s Stance on Marijuana Products

PayPal is a well-established payment system that can help dealers and merchants to trade globally. But there are some terms and conditions of using PayPal. One of them is that it does not process transactions involved in controlled substances. Although ungerminated marijuana seeds do not contain cannabinoids, selling or purchasing them is banned in various regions of the world. Given the legal grey area that cannabis seeds reside in, PayPal does not allow seed banks to use its services.

Are Marijuana Seed Banks That Accept PayPal Reliable?

Seed banks that use PayPal tend to be fly-by-night operations that don’t have a long-established history of success. What can a customer do when they receive damaged or poor-quality marijuana seeds? They will likely have a dispute with the payment processor. If the payment processor is PayPal, the customer is helpless. They cannot claim the money back. Otherwise, PayPal will investigate and close their account temporarily or permanently.

Buy From a Reliable Seed Bank

Greenpoint Seeds LogoSome marijuana seed banks do accept PayPal, but they typically charge higher transaction fees with a 2.9% PayPal charge. To avoid this, it is recommended that customers choose a seed bank with other payment options, such as cryptocurrency.

Greenpoint Seeds is one of the most reliable marijuana seed banks in the USA and offers several safe and secure payment options, including:

● Debit/credit card
● Money orders
● Check
● Cash
● Cryptocurrency
● Cash App

How to Use PayPal Indirectly

If you must use this payment system, there are ways of paying for your cannabis seeds indirectly with PayPal. Here are the simple steps:

● First, purchase a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin with PayPal.
● Pay for your cannabis seed order with bitcoin or another accepted cryptocurrency wallet.

PayPal is not a reliable payment option for cannabis seeds as they are a violation of the PayPal policy. If anyone gets caught by the payment company, they may have their account suspended. PayPal reserves the right to file a case against the seller or buyer. Further, marijuana seed banks that accept PayPal cannot reverse the payments to the customers in case a refund is needed.

Why Don’t Most Marijuana Seed Banks Accept PayPal: Conclusion

Rather than using PayPal to buy seeds from untrustworthy seed banks, use another payment option, or use the steps in this article to pay with PayPal indirectly. Whatever you do, make sure to pick a reliable seed bank that offers safe and secure payment options such as credit cards or cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for a wide variety of top-tier cannabis strains, Greenpoint Seeds has you covered.

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