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Get the best prices on cannabis seeds with the Greenpoint Seeds Member Levels program. Enjoy instant rewards on all of our elite cannabis strains and genetics. As the best Colorado seed bank, we make it easy and affordable to buy marijuana seeds online. 

Our Member Levels program allows you to earn savings store-wide without any limitations. You’ll be able to get discounts on all of our regular and feminized marijuana seeds. To start saving on your cannabis seed purchases, your “total spent amount” must fall between one of the ranges listed below. The total spent amount* is calculated based on any completed purchases made while signed into a Greenpoint Seeds account.


If you do not have an account yet, please sign up for one here and start saving big on every cannabis seed purchase at the best seed bank in the USA!

You must be signed in for every purchase you make, as this is the only way to keep track of your orders. We cannot add orders to your account from past orders you made as a “Guest,” even if you used the same email address. You must be logged into your account to make your orders count towards Member-level rewards.

When you reach a Member Level, you’ll immediately earn savings on all of our regular and feminized seeds throughout the entire seed bank. You will see all seed packs with discounted prices based on which Member Level you’re currently on. Discounts are available on all our current and pre-order inventory. The best part? Your savings will automatically stack with any promotional sale that is currently active or any coupon you may have.

Everyone starts as a Customer

  • After you spend your first $15, you’ll become a Bronze Member, and you’ll score an additional 2% off all future marijuana seed purchases.
  • When your total spent amount reaches $250, you will become a Silver Member, and you’ll start saving 4% off any future purchases.
  • Spending $700 will earn you Gold Member status, and you’ll save a whopping 8% off any cannabis seeds you buy. Plus, you’ll get early access to many of our promotional sales, as well as early access to new products.
  • Once your total spent amount hits the $2,000 marker, you’ve achieved the ultimate in savings as a Diamond Member, and you’ll save 20% off on any purchases you make. You’ll also get early access to our promotional sales and new releases of cannabis strains. 
  • Please note: Crypto payments do not count towards your Member Level. Only cash, credit cards, debit card, checks, and money order payments will count towards your Member Level.
  • Your Member Level discounts are automatically applied to your order, and no code or coupons are necessary.
  • You can view your Member-level discount on all product pages and the checkout page. You will see both the original price and your discounted price to the side of the regular price.
  • You will also see a “sale” badge on each product.
  • You must be logged into your account to receive your Member-level savings.
  • We cannot add past orders made as a “Guest” to your account after the fact. Even if you used the same email address while checking out as a “Guest,” we still cannot add your past orders to your account to count towards your Member-level status. It is not possible for us to do this with our platform.

Please read everything on this page before contacting us for help. All of the information about our Member Levels program is explained on this page. If you have a question about the Member Levels program, please read this page first before contacting our support team.  If your Member Level is not correctly reflecting your total amount spent, please contact the Webmaster at [email protected]

* Total Spent Amount does not include cryptocurrency payments. We currently have no way to count cryptocurrency payments towards your member levels. If you checkout with Coinbase, your order amount will not go towards your member-level status. This is because blockchain technology has not yet been implemented in the service we use for member levels. We are sorry. However, when this option becomes available, we will let you know immediately. There is no way to go back through orders and convert crypto payment orders to regular orders or anything else to make the crypto payment orders somehow work towards your member-level status. There is no way we can change your member level manually, either. 

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