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American Seed Bank

At Greenpoint Seeds, we’ve worked hard to become the best American seed bank. Our expert cannabis seed breeders have spent years collecting, curating, and refining our extensive collection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds. We use only the finest clone-only American strains to produce each of our premium hybrids. Buy cannabis seeds online from the best seed bank in America.

The Platinum Standard in Cannabis Genetics

We are the ultimate source for platinum-quality cannabis genetics and marijuana strains. No other seed bank comes close to our quality of genetics or customer service. We don’t source our seeds from overseas and repackage them, as many other online cannabis seed banks do. All of our cannabis seeds are grown and bred right here in the United States by our team at Greenpoint Seeds. We only sell cannabis seeds that we have been refined over and over again to perfection. Many other seed banks sell marijuana seeds from third-party breeders, and the seed banks themselves have never grown or tested the seeds they sell. We put all of our genetics through extensive testing, season after season, to bring you only the best cannabis seeds available.

Awarded Best Customer Service

Greenpoint Seeds has a dedicated customer support team ready to respond to any of your questions or concerns. Speak with real customer service professionals, all located within the USA. Our customer support manager has over 20 years of experience in making people happy. No other seed bank in the US has a dedicated support team like ours. In fact, we won the industry’s Best Customer Service award in 2020.

Top American Seed Bank Professionals

We only hire the best in the business. Our team consists of the top seed bank professionals in the industry. That is one of the many differences between Greenpoint Seeds and our competitors, and it’s also what makes us the best American seed bank. We are the only seed bank in the USA with a strict hiring process. Every member of our team is highly educated and experienced in the job position they hold. From customer support to breeding, our employees are well-known in the seed bank industry as the best of the best.

Buy From the Best American Seed Bank

Looking for the next elite, clone-only cannabis strain? Browse our diverse selection of premium feminized seeds, bred with legendary cultivars such as Animal Cookies and Purple Punch. Want to start creating your own cannabis hybrids? Shop our selection of proven regular seeds. No matter what your goals are, we have the right weed seeds for you.

Contact Greenpoint Seeds for more information about our company. Don’t forget to check out all of our regular and feminized cannabis seeds.